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One reporter's review of the Syracuse 'noise scene'

Sunken Cheek live in July:

July 7th: Badlands, Syracuse NY: Swamps, D's Licks, Bees
July 14th: Jamestown, NY: Herpes, Cloud Rat, Wolfmouth, Dirty Needle,Waves Crashing Piano Chords, Blunt Guts, Hunted Down, FKF
July 15th: Buffalo, NY: Brown Sugar (last show), Elsinores, Globsters, Herpes, Hunted Down (Sunken Down)
July 16th: Badlands, Syracuse, NY: Herpes (rec. release show), Limbs Bin, Hunted Down
July 20th-21st: The Vault, Buffalo, NY: Buffalo Summer Scum Fest, Day 2 w/ David Russell, Work/Death, A Snake in the Garden, many more

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