Jan. 2018

Saturday, January 13 2018

Sunken Cheek
Sterile Garden
L. Tosswill

1090 Wyckoff Ave.
Brooklyn, NY


Document Completion

Phosphenes & Dissonance is a collection of work spanning nearly the entire Sunken Cheek timeline. In 2011 a one-page zine was written to be distributed at the 2011 ACHC Fest in Syracuse, NY as per the festival's tradition for admission. The following year the words were put to music in three parts, recorded and released as a limited CDr with copies of the zine. Crude, early dabblings with industrial PE served as the conduit. More missives were written between 2012-2017 whenever the timing has seemed appropriate.
The most recent missive "Historic Betrayals" was written as a lyrical/visual companion to the live performance composed for spring Sunken Cheek performances. It was distributed at the events and the audio work was then recorded to be presented here. A 16 minute movement of tape manipulation and myriad field recordings. While there is much growth displayed compared to it's A-side, the tape demonstrates the full scope and intention of Sunken Cheek's sonic paranoia. The writing unveils the dreams and occurrences themselves while the cassette serves as a contextual companion, akin to musical accompaniment.

This collection is 6 years' worth of recurring dreams and cyclical events. This is the last time these zines will be reprinted or these songs will be released.

Guilt and vengeance.
Echoes and deja vu.
Nightmares and premonitions.
Phosphenes & Dissonance.

presented in a VHS case: a c34 cassette housed inside a soft poly-norelco and 4x one-page zines (three 8 1/2 x 11 and one 8 1/2 x 14) in a printed and wax-sealed envelope. Full wrap-around cover and liner notes insert. 


50 copies



Saturday June 3rd @ Ithaca Fest : Downtown Ithaca, IU stage 2:30pm


Saturday, June 3rd


Lost Horizon
5683 Thompson Road
Syracuse, NY


spring '17

Upcoming shows and events this spring:

Saturday, April 8th 2017


Sacred Root Kava Lounge
103 S. Geneva St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
8PM - $7 - All ages


April 14th, 2017


Proud to release "Familiar" later this month on Found Remains.


Currently recording for a new cassette to be released on Found Remains. Details as this develops.

l i v e :



Review of 2013's 'Husk' 7" on Special Interests


dawn of '17

The year starts strong with a weekend alongside Faith Void.

Friday, January 20th : Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City w/ Flesh Trade, Sparklebomb, Muff, Slit Throats
Saturday, January 21st : Pittsburgh, PA @ The Tub w/ Angel Dust, Autumn Pool
Sunday, January 22nd : Rochester, NY @ Meddlesome Lab w/ Martin Freeman, Joe Clark, Licker

and in February-
Wednesday, February 1st : Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore's - Limited Resources 2 w/ Tamio Shiraishi, Moore/Cummins-Drummer, Chris LiButti
Friday, February 24th : Ithaca, NY @ Chanticleer - collaboration set with Bubba Crumrine and VII Caso w/ Escuela, Human Overdose, Black Table, Bleak


fall 2016

T E M P E R E D  E X H A U S T

The first full-length under Sunken Cheek is now available via the indomitable Aught\Void.

v i e w

l i s t e n

In support of this release, SC will be playing the following dates this fall:

**October 27th : Syracuse, NY @ The Spark w/ Faith Void, No Intention
**October 28th : New York, NY @ Trans-Pecos w/ Orgonon Pit, Radiator Greys, Bastet, Pure Matrix, Conduit, Soren, Kyle Keays, Express (KHF+Kudo)
**October 29th : Providence, RI @ Machines With Magnets w/ V. Sinclair
November 10th : Cleveland, OH @ Maple Lanes w/ Collapsed Arc, Limbs Bin, Dicpic
November 11th : Cincinnati, OH @ Rake's End w/ Gene Pick, Network Glass, Slow Tongued Beauty, Ground Water Mafia, Will Fosters Band, Bludstone

**dates with Kjostad and Plagues

Some reviews for the recent "From Behind" flexi on Soft Exit have been posted: