Full May schedule

Another brief venture into Ohio territory and more local gigs. Should be some good moves and shakes this summer.

May 5: Gyaos, South Reach, Sunken Cheek, Social Insect (Sunken Down noisecore)@ Midler Space, Syracuse,NY


Friday, May 11th: Sandusky, OH @ DBLWLF House w/ Darger, South Reach, KBD
Saturday, May 12th: Cincinnati, OH @ Static Age Gallery w/ White Walls, Night Vision
*Sunday, May 13th: DAY OFF in Cinci
Monday, May 14th Rochester, NY @ Pussey Barrel II w/ Kingdom of God, Foot and Mouth Disease, Licker

May 29th: Sunken Cheek, Little Spoon, Sure Thriller @ Badlands, Syracuse,NY

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